- Dance Performance -

- Live Performance-

The Infinite Detail of This Place & Time

Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Join Virago and the A.W.E. Society for an evening of close listening and looking. Sonic improvisations will respond to immersive live video projections of the tiny-often unseen details of the world around us, and a contemplative audience participation session will bring together the concrete and the imagined realms. Banjo, the amateur therapy dog will be there for more than human comfort.

Warm beverages and beer/wine will be available with a suggested donation.

Sliding scale admission $5-10


What We've Been Doing And Fantastical Things To Come

May - September 2017

a site specific dance by Tzveta Kassabova and Shua Group with sound and text by Billy Mark

Through languages of dance, image and sound, What We've Been Doing and Fantastical Things To Come, explored a place in transition: a sewer hole, a pile of mildewed plywood, a collection of tire irons and car keys. The performance was a way of noticing a place, a former warehouse/auto garage, and welcoming its transformation into a place for imagination, creativity, and community through the performing arts.

Detroit Bureau of Sound Concerts

May - October 2017

These series of performances presented by the Detroit Bureau of Sound featured various Michigan and Wisconsin-based music groups and solo artists such as Jon Brown, Steve Curtin, Saajtak, Skewed and Such, and David Shettler.


Sounds in the form of electronic drones, modular synthesizers, and metallic instruments engulfed the expansive space that is Andy. These evenings explored the questions: What can art offer us? Can we obtain peace through a performance? Is there meaning in witnessing something beautiful? Can music offer us solace?


May 11 &12 2018

a multimedia collaboration by Shua Group, Tzveta Kassabova, Billy Mark, Stephane Garin and Thierry Escarmant.

Set by Vince Mountain

This interdisciplinary and collaborative performance tested the performers' ideas of themselves in an effort to transform each other and the space, as well as offer to the audience something, somehow meaningful. 

"Untitled" presented striking kinetic, vocal, and visual experiences, both intimate and broadly political.

Interdisciplinary artist and improvisational poet Billy Mark and dancer/choreographers Joshua Bisset, Tzveta Kassabova and Laura Quattrocchi came together to create this dialogue in the emerging theatre space at Andy, which provided a broad visual landscape that allowed for the exploration of multiple artistic platforms.  

Internationally recognized percussionist and composer Stéphane Garin and dancer/theatre director Thierry Escarpment joined them in this premier performance. Set design was created in collaboration with Vince Mountain.



Contemporary dance performance 

Sept 6th at 8pm & Sept 8th at 4pm

Tix: $15 - buy online  here or at door

GIANTS, a work facilitated by Bailey Allshouse, is a culmination of a 4 month process with dancers; Rachel Andes, Britney Birr, and Shannon White. The work supplies opportunity for discovering delicacy in both structure and bodily form, while it's construct is a rotating landscape that depicts different worlds of primitivity. The work then serves as a playscape for the artists to explore their biggest, strongest, fastest, as well as quietest selves.

Parking: Park in fenced lot on Parkside and Fenkell or on Fenkell St. Avoid parking in front of residents homes on Parkside.


For more information visit ballshouseprojects.org


Fenkell: Unknown Treasures

Open Sat Sept 15, 2018 6:30-9:30pm for the

Focus on Detroit Photo Festival

Curated by Donna Jackson.

an exhibition about the historical street of Fenkell and the beauty and complexities of its people, experiences, textures, emotions and activity. Join us in celebrating this city and neighborhood with local photographers from the Fenkell community and from Metro-Detroit.


Fenkell: Unknown Treasures is curated by Donna Jackson of DMJStudio and produced by DMJStudio and Andy.

Donna Jackson grew up in this neighborhood.

Participating Artists: Faye Gibson,Tap Peoples,Tim Tonachella, J Cross
Ralph Jones, Danny Rebb, Venti Veldez,

Light Installation and interviews by Joshua Bisset

Bucket Installation: Laura Quattrocchi


Friends of ANDY  Performance Showcase
October 27 @ 7pm, October 28 @ 2pm 2018

Curated by Tzveta Kassabova.

A mix bill of exceptional works in the genera of dance, theater, music and spoken word. 


Shaina and Bryan Baira 
Fee Christoph/Camille Johnson
Tzveta Kassabova / Raja Feather Kelly

Billy Mark 
Malcom and Cy Tulip


Andy's CORNER STUDIO is finished!!!

and is proud to host this class series by Shaina and Bryan Baira. 



by Shaina and Bryan Baira MVMNT PHLSPHY
Feb 12 + 19 .    March 5 + 31 .     April 7 + 14

Schedule : Tuesdays 5:30 / 8:30pm

Sundays: 4:30 / 7:30pm

Price : 20$ drop in / 100$ series of 6

Register for class at hello@baira.co

Dance - Class Description

Using Baira Company phrasework/partnering and, and playing with different practice tools and game, we will challenge our creative movement instincts & develop comfortability with the cycle of connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting.

PARKING: Park in fenced lot on Fenkell and Parkside St. Detroit.

Entrance door is on Parkside.

Video: Bryan and Shaina Baira performing @ Andy 

Hope Village Farmers Market Planning Committee Meeting

Wednesday March 13th 12pm - 2pm

@ Andy's Corner Studio

Organized by The Hope Village Farmers Market

Come meet the members of the community,  give your input and let us know how you want to be involved in the 2019 Hope Village Farmers Market.


Live Coal Gallery 6th Anniversary!

Opening Reception April 26,  5pm - 9pm

with program at 7pm

Show runs April 26 - June 7

Gallery hours: Wednesdays 4pm-7pm @

Andy's Corner Studio

Live Coal Gallery celebrate their 6th year anniversary & presents the


Darius Baber      Nia Crutcher      Jean Alicia Elster  

Saffel Gardner     Mara Magyarosi-Laytner   

AriseRock          Yvette Rock         Jaicha Smith

for more information visit: www.livecoalgallery.com

FB Invite

PARKING: Park in fenced lot on Fenkell and Parkside St.

Entrance door is on Fenkell.

6th Year Anniversary Postcard-5x7_v2-1.j
6th Year Anniversary Postcard-5x7_v2_bac


"Vision for the End of The World"

by Scott Crandall 


"Visions for the End of the World" begins with a showman who welcomes the audience to the pageant he is about to present: a doomsday prophet's series of apocalyptical visions. These visions’ performances range from energetic dance routines to desperate prayer to sea shanties and shipwrecks, each tied together with poetic dialogue, vigorous physicality, and delicately crafted stage images. Though dark and strange in moments, the 40 minute piece is accessible and searching: an open invitation to look toward the future honestly, empathetically, gratefully.


Scott Crandall is a performance artist, musician, and gardener in the Detroit area. After earning an AA in Theater from Lansing Community College and a BFA in Theater Direction from the University of Michigan, he apprenticed with Detroit performance company The Hinterlands, and now incorporates elements of their movement training as a central part of his creative practice. Crandall also performs with Maddy Rager as the dance/performance art duo “Thank You So Much For Coming,” looking for a nexus between absurdity, research, and politics to craft bizarre, thoughtful, and often funny works.




"We Can Make it Concert"

 We Can Make it Foundation invites you to

Hip-Pop, Rap Concert - MAY 25   4-8PM  in the Corner Studio @Andy

Come out and support the yung talent coming out of Detroit.
We can make it Detroit Foundation seeks yung artists and give them opportunity to share their talent.
Here at Andy we are so stoked to give them a place to do that.
Organized by @wecanmakeitfoundation

May 25th @ Andy ( Corner Studio )
Park in fenced parking lot on Parkside and Fenkell. Entrance is on Fenkell.

Free ( donation accepted )

FB invite


- Art Opening -

Live Coal Gallery presents
Yvette Rock and Darius Baber

Opening Reception June 28,  6pm - 9pm

with program at 7pm

Join us on June 28, 2019 from 6pm-9pm for an opening reception featuring recent works by Live Coal Collective members Darius Baber & Yvette Rock. Evening includes performance by Yvette Rock at 7pm.

Baber and Rock both share a passion for life - whether human life or that found in nature. Baber states, "In my most resent series of work I have been exploring light, color and form. While taking bike rides during the sunset I have found inspiration in the way natural light paints itself over the branches, creating captivating shades of green and dynamic shadows that travel throughout the branches. By using this information, I have found an immense peace when creating beautiful compositions from the most tender and warm glimpses of the streets in Detroit and Hamtramack."

unnamed (1).jpg

- Dance Battle -

For the house heads. 1v1 competition

June 29th 8pm/3am.   $10

Park in lot on Fenkell and Parkside. Enter doors on Fenkell.  

 -Theatre Performance 

Cleopatra Boy by A HOST OF PEOPLE 


September 13-28  - Thursday - Saturday at 8PM

*Pay-what-you-will Tuesday, September 24

Tix here or at door

Conceived and directed by Sherrine Azab and Jake Hooker.


Cleopatra Boy brings to light how women (and other non-straight/white/male) leaders’ histories are re-written, maligned, or erased. The iconic Egyptian pharaoh’s historic, mythic, and fictional representations across time inspired our ensemble to create a performance that speaks to the present moment. A theatrical thought experiment that is part pageant, part courtroom drama; our audience will shape-shift from spectators, to community members, to witnesses as we collectively address the injustice of losing control of our own narratives in order to rethink and remake history.

Parking: Park in fenced lot on Parkside and Fenkell or on Fenkell St. Avoid parking in front of residents homes on Parkside.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.27.03 PM.png

Fabulous in Pink Fashion Affair

- Cancer Fundraiser -

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 4 PM – 7 PM

Fabulous In Pink Fashion Affair is an expression of love, a community of likeminded individuals who share the same common goals and entrance. A place where different people of all backgrounds can come together to show they care. By sharing they stories, their hopes, their dream, and give their support in the fight of cancer and breast cancer.

The success of Fabulous In Pink Fashion Affair is credited largely to our sponsors, who lend their names and financial support to the event. The money raised this year will go to The American Cancer Society.

General Admission $10

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 12.08.40 PM.pn

Healin' Session

- Music-

October 23 Saturday, 10pm - 2 am

A genre-free selection of music with DJ Deon Jamar

Tickets $5


- Community Festival -

Detroit is Different Festival

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 9.52.24 AM.png

October 25-27

Conceived and Directed by Khary Frazier

Welcome to a collage of the sound, sight, taste, feel, and scent of Detroiters. From all walks of life...This is the Detroit is Different Festival. Even if you are a visitor of Detroit, are from Detroit, or live in Detroit, a spectrum of culture is alive and thriving under your nose. This Festival is a cultural event that welcomes Detroit enthusiasts who are interested in, listen to, and create the array of podcasts associated with the Detroit is Different Network. 

The events associated with the Festival will be a rallying moment for many walks of life. The ages, races, tastes, and sensibilities of Detroit enthusiasts will gather around music, food, discussions, art, and dance. This event will close with a "think tank" to explore the standard of how culture is distributed, received, and provided in Metro-Detroit.

For the full schedule & ticket prices, click on the PDF icon ⟶

To purchase tickets, click here!

- Poetry -

Poetry Night 

November 2nd | 8pm - 12am

Stephen Royal Sparrow presents "Purple Pill", featuring the Poetic Stylings of Stephen Royal Sparrow, art and fashion styling by Stylist Heather J@H, music by Rickhicks Muzic with special Guest Mariah Smith & Tristan Hackney

$15 donation

for more info call 313.740.6051