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Please note: we are not accepting requests for events until further notice. 

We are still accepting requests for rehearsals and classes in the corner studio and for media production in the warehouse.

Interested in renting space?


1.  Choose your space by browsing space pages.


2.  Check the calendar below for availability.

3.  Fill out the form here.


We will get back to you within 48 hours.  Questions can be sent to


Rates for Corner Studio Rehearsals and Classes

Rehearsals in the Corner Studio are starts at $10/hr for individual artists, and $25/hr for classes. 

Weekend rates for classes and workshops are $50/hr.

For all other uses we will send you a quote


Cancellation policy: For classes and rehearsals you must cancel within one week to receive refund.  In some cases classes or rehearsals may be rescheduled.  For all other uses:  up to one month full refund; up to one week half refund; less than a week no refund.

Availability - click on the week tab to check exact hours

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