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About Us

Andy is a developing community art center in North West Detroit located in a 20,000 square foot brick and steel building with remarkable open spans. 

We host music, theatre and dance performances and visual arts exhibits, support the creative process, and provide space for community focused events and healthy food. Andy is volunteer directed and administered by Joshua Bisset and Laura Quattrocchi of Shua Group (@shuagroup), a performance group.

Andy Arts Key Drivers

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Artistic Development

Andy Arts focuses on providing quality spaces for development and presentation of performing arts, and for video production. 
Our sprung dance floors in the theatre and studio space, professionally equipped black box theatre, and large raw space support creative process and professional presentation. 

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Community Building

Andy Arts collaborates with neighborhood partners in a larger vision to support equitable economic and cultural development in the Dexter/Linwood | HOPE Village neighborhood of Detroit.  We are proud to be a safe public space where neighbors can gather for community meetings, to experience cultural events and to build social networks.

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Arts Education

Andy Arts also offers movement and dance education by collaborating with SE Michigan artists and visitors.   We offer weekly classes in the Corner Studio and frequent weekend workshops.

Why the name Andy?

We named the project Andy Arts in honor of our friend and neighbor Mr. Andy Jones.

Andy took care of the vacant lot, which we now use for parking, and our sidewalks for more than 30 years.  He is a rock steady in his effort to keep our streets clean and to upkeep the grounds and houses of the surrounding streets.   He also is a spirited supporter of our work to renovate and open 3000 Fenkell St.   With his blessing we chose to acknowledge his contribution by naming our center after him.

Andy Arts

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Joshua Bisset


Developer of spaces, choreographer and builder.  More about Josh at 

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Laura Quattrocchi


Visual artist, gardener, dancer, and grounds keeper.  More about Laura at

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Amari Harris

Events and Audio Visual

Born and raised in Detroit Amari is an audio engineer specializing in live sound mixing and concerts.

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Jason L. Ford

Andy Arts Project Manager

Writer and performer with a passion for building community by developing sustainable platforms for organizations and artists.

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Shannon White


Freelance performance artist with a BFA in dance from Wayne State.  Her heart lies in expanding accessibility of the arts.

Community Partners

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Detroit is Different

Director Khary Wae Frazier is culture builder and visionary and an advisor and frequent collaborator.  

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HOPE Village Revitalization

The team at HVR are advisors and partners in our efforts to support neighborhood development.

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Detroit Horse Power

DHP will build an urban equestrian center which focuses on youth development on land adjacent to Andy Arts.

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Fenwood Market and Makers Space

A new neighbor and initiative which re-imagines a historic retail space as an artists makers space.

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Want to become a sponsor?

Join us in making a lasting space for art and community in HOPE Village, Detroit.

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