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Andy is a developing community art center in North West Detroit located in a 20,000 square foot brick and steel building with remarkable open spans.  We host music, theatre and dance performances and visual arts exhibits, support the creative process, and provide space for community focused events and healthy food.   

Andy is directed and administered by Joshua Bisset and Laura Quattrocchi of  Shua Group (@shuagroup), a performance group.   

Why the name Andy?

We named the project after our neighbor Mr. Andy Jones as a means of linking the space directly to our neighborhood.  We met Andy the day we moved here; he was cutting the grass of our ajoining lot without knowing who owned the lot, or the building. Since then Andy has inspired us with his sense of humor and optimism, and his 40 year effort to keep our neighborhood clean.

Keep Ahead of It:  Short Video about Mr. Jones

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