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  • Enter Studio on Parkside entrance with the code provided.

  • Chairs, tables, garbage and recycling bins, and other supplies are stored in the garage next to the studio.

    • Preferably, use foldable metal chairs for Corner Studio events—there are about 47 chairs (if you need more use the yellow school chairs). 

  • If you choose to have your audience/guests come in through the Fenkell door entrance, Watch video on how to open and close the Fenkell entrance.

  • If you choose to have your audience/guests come in through the Parkside entrance, leave Fenkell door closed and locked.

  • During your event, the Flex garage must be locked.

  • This video will provide the information for all of the above:



  • Garbage: We only have 2 garbage containers, please bring your own garbage bags. You will find bins in Flex Garage.

  • Recycling: We only have one recycle bin—here at Andy, we encourage recycling, so please follow the recycling instructions on the bin if you use it. You will find bin in Flex Garage.

  • Ladder: you will find a ladder in the Flex Garage

  • Projector: Follow the instructions on the AV table

  • PA System: Follow the written instructions on the AV table

  • Table Cloths: Not Provided


Food & Beverages


   Place a mat under beverages table—protecting the wood floor from liquid is very important. As of right now, please bring your own absorbent material to place under the beverages table.




    Please review parking instructions:


Cleaning & Closing Up


  1. Trash disposal: ALL trash needs to be disposed at the end of the event in                                                                                                                     the green dumpster on Alden St.—very important! (See image)

  2. Recycling disposal: As of right now, we ask you to please take the recycling                                                                                                                 with you—the city has not been able to provide us with curbside pickup 

  3. Place chairs, tables, ladder, and garbage bins back in the flex garage

  4. LOCK flex garage

  5. Roll down and lock gate on Fenkell if opened (seen in video)

  6. Cleaning: The corner studio is mostly used as a Dance Studio and because of this you will need to dust and mop the floor, please watch the Cleaning up the Corner Studio video:

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