Detroit Soup

- Community Meeting -

January 26, 2020   4 to 7 pm. Door opens at 3:30

Mark your calendars! 

 if you live, have a business, or community project in the brown area of the map you can submit a proposal to pitch! Deadline January 19th.

SOUP submit your proposal online here

Baira Community Class

- Weekly Community Dance Class -


Oct 5 | Nov 9 | Dec 7 | Jan 25 I February 1, 22, 29 | March 7,14, 21, 28 | April 4,11, 18

These MVMNT PHLOSPHY sessions are designed for interested movers of all ages and experience levels to come together and reconnect with our instinctual abilities to respond and adapt with ease and levity. Through interactive partnering exercises, games, and personal exploration we will develop our physicality and strengthen our confidence inside our moving bodies. By the end of each class we will discover a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

*Class will be taken barefoot. Long sleeves/layers and sweatpants are recommended.

---> $15 [suggested donation]

FB invite

Flower Creep Project/ Ongoing

- Community art project -

conceived by The Scraper 

Flower Creep is originally the ongoing invitation to draw flowers on the walls and floor of our Corner Studio by the local passers by, visitors, workers, travelers, etc that stop by our space. The concrete floor was  eventually covered by a wood sprung floor but the power of the action rests underneath. The action was originally conceived as a christening of the new art/performance space by the love of the community.  

Recently the invitation was extended locally to the fence of the Hope Village Farmers Market.

The Scraper is interested in changing perception of space by bringing people together trough art actions. She's planning on having her Grand Flower Project Finale in the spring of 2020.

The Scraper is also a founding member here at Andy.